“The present-day Turtle Mountain Reservation consists of two townships located on Turtle Mountain. The expression “Turtle Mountain” is singular; there is only one large structure. Why the land is called “Turtle Mountain” is not clear, but some say when traveling from the northeast toward Turtle Mountain, the formation looks like a turtle’s back. There is a certain amount of symbolism in this name and story. Turtles are sea creatures that swim in the ocean. Tortoises have feet and walk on the land, but the name is clearly “turtle,” and not “tortoise.” A great female turtle is a central feature of the Chippewa creation teachings. The land created by Sky Woman is held above the water on the back of a female turtle. Turtle Island is the name given to the land.” Duane Champagne

Tragedy changed me: When my son passed in August of 2020 I was crushed and what was left of who I was was only a shell of my former self. A veil of anguish weighed on me for months until one day when I saw a hummingbird out my window. This special bird helped me find my way through the journey of grief and helped me establish new ways of sending my son’s spirit forth in love.

A mystic birder was born, and I reBorn

Who am I? Christian Mystic who came into birding through my grief journey. Although I am a believer, I am accepting of all faiths and of nonbelievers as well. I support every human, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity. #nohate

A mystic is someone who seeks unity with Divine Love and actively tries to foster that union.Often this union is miraculously expressed through spiritual ecstasies or visions. Partly in the world, partly in meditation with the spiritual realm, the inspiration comes from sitting in Nature and appreciation of God’s creation. 

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"You must have birds in your heart before you can find them in the bushes." -- John Burroughs (Journal of the Outdoor Life, v20, 1923, p. 137)


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