Nothing is Separate

In “Gift of the Red Bird” Paula D’Arcy writes

I shut out all conversations around me and consider the idea that nothing is separate, and that the Earth, stars, trees, animals…everything…might be a sacred expression of God. Is everything Holy?

D’Arcy, Paula. Essay. In The Gift of the Red Bird: a Spiritual Encounter: with a Guide for Reflection,New York: Crossroad Pub., 2007. 24

These are the passages I read that further my reflections on the beauty and nourishing energy I receive from Nature and being immersed in it.

These past few weeks have been challenging as they are leading closer to the anniversary of my son’s departure to Heaven. It is within solemn moments walking alone in the wilderness that my greatest motivation to keep on wash over me.

Here are some photos of scenes from the past few weeks.

I hope you enjoy and that you are well.

Published by Christy Hyman, PhD (spatialhuman6)

Historical Geographer, digital humanist, mother, griefworker, activist, advocate

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